Week 10: A Week Full of Videos

This week was an interesting one. I had a rough start to the week with my grandpa in the ICU so I was a little distracted and it took me a little bit to get to all my assignments. Good news is I was still able to do almost everything.

We had to do 2 daily creates this week and I really liked them. I drew a picture of 2 bikers going to work together for the first one and then described supply and demand for the second one. I was going to do a different one, but I forgot to do it before the end of day :(.

The video essay was actually one of my favorite things this week to do. I chose to do a the scene from Django Unchained where Django and Shultz are rescuing Broomhilda from a plantation. The scene uses many of the ideas discussed by Ebert and I think it shows how Tohline was correct in saying that stories are told on multiple levels and people often miss the movie because they only focus on one aspect of a film.

Another assignment we had was to choose between some different video assignments. I chose to spoil a movie. I did The Prestige as you can see in the post. I had a lot of fun with this assignment. As Mason mentions in the comments, this movie is pretty underrated. I chose to do it because I think that while there are spoilers in the movie, you don’t really know what they mean unless you’ve seen the movie. I even, according to the comments, convinced someone to watch it based on the spoiler compilation.

Last but not least, The Travelin Gals are back and we are making a puppet show. We decided to create a puppet show that is a spoof of an episode of Parks and Recreation. We are setting the video in our western town and doing all sorts of things, from going to a shooting range to eating our weight in food. Stay tuned to see it next week!

Going Out On the Town

So as you know if you’ve read my post about our new video, The Travelin’ Gals are making a second debut in a spoof of a Parks and Rec episode Galentine’s Day. For our show, we are going to use our own characters, as puppets, in a Western town having their own Galentine’s Day. Galentine’s day is supposed to be Valentine’s Day for girls, where they basically treat themselves and do whatever they want. In our video they’re going to go to be in an Old Western town. The girls are going to visit the shooting range, the spa, have a big fancy lunch (and dinner), and will likely end up at Marlene’s for some drinks at the end of the day. I’m thinking it will be best if we use pictures for our scenes and then have the puppets move around in them. Unfortunately, because my grandpa was sick early in the week, we did not have a lot of time to meet and create our puppets and get into detail with our scene’s so my trailer is not complete yet, but will be by Monday.

Video Essay. Django Unchained.

For my video essay, I chose to do the scene from Django Unchained where Shultz and Django are trying to save Broomhilda from Candie’s plantation. The scene uses a few different techniques to enhance the moment and the story. Here’s a little summary of what I thought:

  • `The scene begins with 2 women bringing Broomhilda to Shultz room per his request earlier in the movie, and starts with soft music from Morricone. The music and candlelight, coupled with the shot reverse shot (and POV) make it seem romantic. However, if you pay attention, you notice that Shultz has a look of contempt when Ms. Candie speaks ill of Broomhilda and is surprised after seeing how beautiful Broomhilda is.
  • Broomhilda is not in the foreground or background but occupies a mid-ground in the scene and is towards the left side. This staging, coupled with her movements show how uncomfortable she is with the entire situation.
  • When Shultz opens the door, he opens it right to left which is naturally unsettling to us. This is an interesting choice, considering the audience knows he is there to save Broomhilda, so I’m not sure why he didn’t go right to left.
  • The door shuts and the music stops at the same instant which I believe is done so you only pay attention to what Shultz is saying to Broomhilda.
  • Once Shultz and Broomhilda are in the room alone, they are in the center of the screen and Broomhilda and Shultz are in the same ground, which suggests an equality between them. The shot then pans to the right, which based on Ebert’s thoughts, is where the future lives. I believe that the pan to the right is indicative of Shultz being a big part of Broomhilda’s future. Throughout the scene, there is symmetry – Broomhilda sets the candlabra in the center of the table, the bed is in the center of the room, They’re centered in the room when he hands her a drink. I think this staging and the shots where you are just barely looking down at Shultz help Broomhilda realize that she’s on the same level as him and even has slight power over him (he must respect her because his partner is Django).
  • Shultz tries to reassure Broomhilda that he does not want to have sex with her by telling her that and performing subtle acts that support it. He makes the bed and puts on his vest and jacket.

Overall, this scene is an important part of the movie. The shots used, coupled with the actions in the scene that you may miss because you’re reading subtitles or listening to them speak show that Tohline was right; you can miss a lot of detail because you are just watching the movie but not looking or reading it. Looking at the composition of a scene (lighting, staging, costume, etc) can help you better understand the scenes in a movie. I used Windows movie maker to add the narration to the scene.


24/7 Lecture and More

So this week we had to do 2 daily creates. I chose to do the National Bike to Work day create which was to make art with your bike. Since my bike is dead, I decided to draw some bikes. While my drawing skills are not the best, I thought it turned out fairly well.

For the second one, we had to create a 24/7 lecture which is giving a lecture in 24 seconds and then summarizing it in 7 words. I chose to describe supply and demand. I had to talk a little fast to get it in but I think it turned out well. I drew the graphs as well. I used windows movie maker to narrate my voice over the graphs I drew and put it all together.



DO NOT WATCH IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE PRESTIGE. I LOVE this movie, which is part of the reason I chose it. That being said, don’t watch this if you haven’t seen it first, please! I I don’t want to be responsible for ruining it for you 🙂

For this assignment, I had to create a compilation of the most important scenes/events in a movie. I decided to do The Prestige. I chose a couple scenes in the beginning where Angier and Borden are doing their tricks and sabotaging each other. Then, I chose scene’s where you find out how they’re doing specific tricks. I also used scenes from the end of the movie which is where a lot of the reveals/spoiler material is. I used Windows Movie Maker and I was going to originally take out the sound and just play the speech given at the beginning of the movie, but it was really hard to try and get that done, so I stuck with just the sound from the scenes.

The Return of the Traveling Girls

So my radio show group and I decided that since we had to much fun producing our radio show, why not continue and do a little puppet show. We are basing the show off of en episode of Parks and Recreation where Leslie Knope has a Galentines day ( in lieu of Valentine’s Day) with her favorite people. For our puppet show, we are going to have our characters, Marlene, Rose and Maybelline, go on a Galentine’s day with a western twist.

We are thinking that for their Galentine’s day, we will go a shooting range to perfect our technique and then head over to the fanciest restaurant in town to have a nice big lunch. At the end of the day, we will wind down and have some drinks at Marlene’s.

Week 9: Reviewing The Shows

So as we were told in our weekly assignments, this week was pretty chill! I was relieved that we had a fairly easy-going time because last week I had a ton going on so it was nice that most classes were pretty relaxed this week. We had to do 3 daily creations and mine can be found here. I kept things fairly simple with the creations, but still obviously tried to be as creative as I could. I think the creates this week were also a little more laid back than they have been in previous weeks. I had fun with the tombstone one, and even looked through it to see what other people came up with. Some people got really creative and others were pretty serious; ultimately, I decided to go with a more laid back one.

My favorite assignments this week were actually the 10 star choose your genre assignments. I had a lot of fun reading through everyone’s character posts and deciding who to use in mine. I loved making the seven character story and the crime board (which I decided to relate to my story). I had a lot of fun creating an idea around the characters I chose to use. I thought about not using 7 characters from the class, but as I was reading through each one, I came up with a fairly good idea and ran with it! My last assignment was to create a poster for a camp I attended. Obviously, I used my character Marlene and not myself, but I liked the camp I chose!

Also for the week, we had to listen to the other radio shows and tweet along. I listened on Thursday to Turning Tumbleweeds and really enjoyed it! As I mention in the post, I thought this group did a great job, especially with their use of sound effects. I think that they created a really good story which definitely kept me guessing until the end. I’m looking forward to next week and seeing what that has in store for us!


This week, we had to do 3 daily creates.

For my first create, I chose to bury passive aggressive Facebook posts, because who wants those…ever? I used a photo of a blank tombstone from Google and added in the words using Paint. I posted this the day after because I forgot to hit the submit button and noticed it after posting my daily create for the next day.

For the next create, I had to make a gif of the great train robbery. I chose a part fairly close to the beginning where the 2 guys are tying up the man at the station. I chose the caption “oh no, he fell!” to add a little humor to it.

For the last daily create, we had to explain the aphorism “Never throw tapioca down a mine shaft”. I decided to take it as though the tapioca was already made and since I love tapioca, I thought it would be because the miners would eat all of it and be too full to work.


Who’s the Boss?

For this assignment, I created a crimeboard that is related to my earlier post about the seven characters and their story. I added in a little twist though – Bonnie Sue, a sheriffs wife, is linked to Andy, a bank robber, but we don’t know why. I used a corkboard picture from Google, to create the board and added in a picture of a post it that I took. I had to cut around the picture, which as you can see was not 100% successful, but I think it looks okay. I then added each person to the board and connected them accordingly. Since I don’t have pictures of each character, I used a symbol or Google pic to represent them.

Here’s the final product!


Turning Tumbleweeds

This week I listened to Turning Tumbleweeds on DS106 Radio. I thought the show was really well done! They used a lot of great sound effects to enhance the story. For example, the high pitched music in the background made it seem eerie/creepy. There was also a really good use of other sounds, like a door shutting, dog barking, etc that made the story authentic; it felt more like listening to a movie than hearing a show on the radio. Occasionally, the mic seemed to fade out/it was hard to hear them speaking, but I’m guessing that was just a technical difficulty. I was also a big fan of how they told the story. I thought that it was very interesting to hear the story from different people – 2 friends asking each other what happened, it kept things interesting and kept me guessing. I really liked the commercials they used – I thought they were all very well done and entertaining. Overall, I thought the show was very well done and had a lot of great effects that enhanced the story.