And the most beautiful cat is…

So as many of my friends are aware, I absolutely adore my cat Zeke. He’s a bengal and honestly just a beautiful cat – even when he’s destroying the house and knocking everything over. Here are a few photos of him doing all the things he loves. For the assignment, I’m basically choosing some of my favorite pictures of him. I used the Phototastic Collage app from the Windows store to make my collage. I think it turned out pretty great and definitely captures Zeke well.


Guess What?

So for this assignment, I decided to take a close up picture of something Marlene would keep in the saloon. It’s something that almost everyone coming in would use. I took the picture on a surface similar to one you would find in a saloon and tried to darken the lighting as it would be in a saloon. I think it turned out pretty well! I’m a little concerned no one will guess what it is, but I’m hoping it won’t be too hard! I really like the way the lighting changed the picture and I’m glad I took the picture in a saloon type setting.

So does anyone know this item Marlene keeps in the saloon?


I Danced With the Wolves and it Was Pretty Cool

So I’ve seen Dances With Wolves before and decided why not watch it again for this assignment. As I was watching and looking for different cinematic aspects, I noticed a few things. The beginning half or so of the movie does not have a ton of dialogue or anything which I think adds a lot to the film. Throughout the beginning, we see everything as Dunbar sees it, which links our emotions with his. For example, in the picture below, we see through the telescope as Dunbar sees, which brings us closer to him and makes it feel more like we are there. This is also a great example of using different lenses (in this case a fisheye-like lens) which Becoming Better Photographers suggests doing.

cinemat3Another scene that I believe brought a lot of emotion to the movie is one of the very first scenes of Dunbar on the table being taken care of. This  scene is great because you are seeing it from right behind Dunbar, which I think makes the audience feel even more like they are there and going through this with Dunbar. Being better photographers comes in again here with the moment and perspective; the point of view taken in the shot, coupled with the sight line given make it feel as though the audience is kneeling behind Dunbar, watching everything happen.

cinemat2The cinematography, from landscapes, close-ups, and point of view shots help evoke emotion in the audience throughout the movie.

It’s All About Us


Meet Sara and Jacob, a beautiful couple who are happily married. Sara and Jacob went to middle school together and quickly became best friends. In high school, Jacob asked her out and you know the rest (hint: they fall in love). They attended college in different states and while it was hard, they made it work. They got married about a month after graduation, having planned the wedding throughout the last 2 years of college. This picture was taken the summer after they both graduated. Jacob just told Sara that he bought the house of their dreams and they can move in at the end of the month.


**I found the photo on Google by typing couples in love and choosing one**

Definitely Not A Pro Photographer

Happy 4th week everyone!

So I’m thinking back on all the photographs I’ve ever taken (and there are TONS) and realizing how much I am not a photographer. I generally take pictures on vacation and, if I think about it, on birthdays or special occasions with friends. I actually wish I took more photos just to remember different occasions.

Based on Becoming Better Photographers, I only pay attention to the moment when I take photos. I sometimes look for better lighting or try to make the picture look “better” but usually I just see something I like and take a picture. After reading about becoming a better photographer, I don’t know how much I’ll really change to be honest. Mostly because I take the pictures for myself, to capture moments I want to remember – I don’t take them for other people. That being said, I may start playing with contrast and using a better lens just to make the pictures prettier/look better. I suppose i inadvertently pay attention to the light but only to the extent that I would move around until the light wasn’t messing with my picture. I think it could be cool to play around with light and see how it changes the picture itself. Storytelling and Visual Literacy had some similar ideas to becoming a better photographer but presented them differently. Eskenazi was definitely more about telling a story through photographs. While he made a lot of compelling points, I think I’ll try them out for the class but I’m not entirely sure I’ll use them in the future.