Audio Party: The Radio Show

So for this week, we started planning out our radio shows. I’m working with Sophia and Maria to create an awesome radio show about traveling! We decided to use GoogleDocs to plan and come up with ideas and it worked out pretty well, as mentioned in the post. I’m pretty excited to get started recording and come up with the final product!

The audio assignments this week were all a lot more bearable than I expected – I had some fun with them, especially incorporating Marlene! This week, she got her own theme song and created a little rhythm herself one day when the saloon was slow!

The daily creates this week were fun as well! I chose to do the one where it’s 1:06 somewhere, the triple cowboy quote and create a foley western sound. I think they turned out pretty well! I had the most fun with the cowboy quote one – I like that you could go pretty out of the box with it :). I was upset that I missed the one for Wednesday though, it sounded like it would be really cool!

Have a great break everyone!

Three New Creations

This week, we had to complete 3 daily creates. I think this week they were a little easier than some of the previous weeks, but I was okay with it because it has been a ROUGH week work-load wise. The first daily create I did was to take a selfie when it was 1:06 – pretty straightforward. I was clearly real excited in the picture!

The second daily create was a triple cowboy quote. We had to take a picture of a western figure, add a quote that was related to them and attribute the quote to someone else related. I chose to use Butch Cassidy and I used a quote from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, spoken by the sundance kid. I attributed the quote to Sandra Pollack because Robert Redford (played Sundance in the movie), often starred in films with her.

The final daily create is from today! I had to make a foley western sound. I used a paper popper to create the sound of a gunshot, as you can see it doesn’t sound exactly like a gunshot but I think with the right editing, it could get pretty close!


Marlene Got A Theme

For this assignment, you have to find your theme song. I decided that instead of doing mine, I would find Marlene her own song! I chose this song because it starts off kind of dark and mysterious and then gets fast paced, which is what Marlene’s life is doing now. When I introduced her, I mentioned that she works in a saloon and all that and alluded to something going on behind the scenes, but didn’t specify what. The plot thickened some in the sound effects story, so I thought a theme that followed these trends was only fitting. I used Audacity and added the violin to the song (from that free sound website) and played around a little with the guitar later on, but I thought for the most part, the theme was pretty spot on. Enjoy!

Guess What Song

So for this assignment, I chose one of my favorite songs ever and I’m hoping you guys can guess it! It’s kind of an old song (think like middle/early high school), but it’s SO GREAT. I used Audacity to remove the lyrics which was not very easy to do. I had to re-do it a couple times to get it to sound okay. Now because it is an older song, I will give you a couple hints:

  • this band is still around today (and still wonderful)
  • they’re a boy band
  • they would be considered pop punk/alternative

Comment below and let me know what you guys think! 🙂



So for this assignment, I struggled a little in deciding what the bumper sticker would look like and all of that. I decided to go on a slightly cheesy route and went with the whole “like westerns? like outlaws? we’ve got it all on DS106 radio”. Part of the reason I did this is because I like the idea of keeping it simple – especially for a bumper sticker. I used a picture of a caravan/wagon that I found on Google and used Paint to put in the words and played around a little with the coloring in the picture. I chose the dark blue font because I didn’t want it to be too dark by using black. Be sure to listen to our show so you find out what happens to everyone on their trips!

(sorry it looks a little blurry blown up)

Screenshot (8)

Radio Madness

So as everyone is aware, it’s radio show week(s)! I was originally kind of dreading this assignment – I’ve heard about it from some friends and while it sounded cool, it also sounded a little awful. I am happy to say that after brainstorming with my group I am pretty excited for the radio show that we have developing. My group and I are going to do a traveling caravan of sorts (not exactly sure what you’d call it) where we each talk about a place we’re at and how its different from our home town. We are thinking that each of our characters are running around doing their thing and talking about the new place that they are currently in. While they are in each of their respective places, they’re going to notice something – a wanted poster, an overheard story, etc – that relates to the other character in someway. We were thinking this would be cool because it would make the stories less disjointed if they connect in subtle ways to one another. I’m pretty excited to see what we’re going to come up with and I hope it’ll be good!

Designing Everyday

This week, as everyone knows, we focused on design. I thought that this week was very similar to photography in terms of what we were looking at as characteristics of design. I really enjoyed reading Vignelli’s booklet. One of my favorite things about it, besides the content was how clear it is that Vignelli loves design. It was really clear that he put a lot of time and effort into what he was saying and for me, that made it more interesting to read.

My favorite assignment this week was definitely the minimalist poster. I had a lot of fun creating it and I think my photoshop skills are definitely improving. I put a lot of thought into the color choices for the background and the lettering, as explained in my post. Another assignment I really enjoyed was the Design Blitz. I thought it was really cool to see how easily and how often we see design in our lives – essentially because it is in everything we do and especially in the things we create – duh.

This week we also had to do three daily creates. I enjoyed this week but I think last week was definitely more fun for me, personally. Although I did really enjoy doing the second one involving the meaning of life. I also loved creating a motivational poster, as I mentioned in my post, I’m slightly obsessed with them. I’m looking forward to the next couple weeks and figuring out our radio show ideas!

Themes in Western Designs

Looking through the posters and based on the Western genre type movies I’ve noticed a few different things.

  • Generally, in terms of color there seem to be about 4 colors that dominate in westerns and on the posters: yellow, brown, red, and black. These colors are usually in some type of hue throughout the movie.
  • Another thing I noticed in the posters is that the titles and the main characters seem to be the main focus in their design. It’s very obvious based on the posters who the main character will be.
  • Many of the scenes in westerns are fairly minimalist in terms of what’s happening on scene and the amount of stuff on scene.
  • I noticed that there are also quite a few extreme close-ups, usually of the protagonist or antagonist’s face –> generally this either makes the character seem more vulnerable or more powerful, depending on the angle

Daily Creations

Once again this week, we had to complete 3 daily creates. They were all pretty fun this week. For my first one, I had to add some text to an existing gif. I added some glittery text since it was for a birthday and played around with the text some. I used the site recommended on the daily create website and came up with this:

The next one was a little more meaningful than most of them are. We had to show what we think the meaning of life is in a picture or video. I chose a beautiful picture of some stones on the water and added a little inspiration type text. I think it’s important for everyone to travel and experience new places and cultures. I haven’t gotten to travel much, so I’m really looking forward to my trip after graduation!

The final daily create I did this week was a little caravan and what I would bring with me to the wild west. I chose to put a cooler and some books in the caravan, along with food, clothing and of course my family and some friends. I added the cooler and the books as best I could, and I think my skills are definitely improving but still not perfect.



For this assignment, I created a wanted poster for Sam Bass. Sam Bass started out pretty small and robbed a few thousand from his employers with a buddy. Then he decided to move on to robbing stagecoaches. After awhile he decided to try train robbery and eventually ended up pulling off the largest robbery in the Union pacific. The reward is large for this guy! Hopefully he doesn’t run into Marlene! I decided to stay fairly simplistic and keep the design straightforward and easy to read. wantedposter